Example of my DAW editing/sweetening: 'Hilltop Carolina'; 1979 recording enhanced by digital signal processing, effects, dub in of acoustic guitar and mandolin leads. Lead vocal, rhythm guitar, composition, produced and arranged by Sandy Flynn

 Example of ensemble improvisation:

'Bayou Woman', first lead guitar (panned right) of dual lead guitar solo, song co-written, produced and arranged by Sandy Flynn

Python Code for

Project B, 'Skylane'

We're all about music, interactive media, and interactive education

*Survey of Music Technology, Georgia Tech

via Coursera, Dr. Jason Freeman

Example of loops based beat music:

Project A* 'General MIDI March'

Example of an algorithmic chance composition:

Project B* 'Skylane'

(Coded in Python, to the right, to be used

  with Georgia Tech's Earsketch API)